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About the Challenge

260 Days

There are 260 business days (Monday thru Friday) within the year.

260 Chapters

There are 260 chapters in the New Testament

One Year Plan

There are opportunities to check-in daily to complete the plan in a year

Purpose of the Challenge

Work the Word Challenge

WTW Challenge is 260 days (Monday thru Friday) of New Testament reading.  One chapter a day and the 260 New Testament chapters will be completed in one year. This website is designed to keep you on track to succesfully complete the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage each other to read the New Testament in one year. You can check-in on the WTW Facebook page to gain strength to keep going with other participants in the community.


Bringing people together

WTW Challenge is bringing people together to read the Bible. The daily reading plan makes it easy for participants to complete their readings and support each other within a group. 260 days (M-F), 260 (N.T.) chapters TOGETHER!

* A couple is reading the chapters together during the week

* A women's group has joined the challenge together

* A praise team has joined the challenge together

* A family has joined the challenge together

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